Logos Translation Agency has been operating in the market for more than 20 years so far. Our main objective is responsiveness, confidentiality, reliability and stable quality. We translate from more than 30 languages:

English, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Moldavian, Greek, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian, Serbian, Slovenian, Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Hebrew, Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and the CIS countries' languages. We translate into Ukrainian and Russian and vice versa.

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  • Notarization
  • Apostille and legalization

A document translation may be notarized, regardless of the target or source language. We are able to do it since our translators' qualification is proven with relevant diplomas, the translators being registered with the notaries. 


It is possible to notarize a translator's signature or notarize a document copy as true, both with the notaries public and notaries private. 


Quite often various competent authorities, including most of the embassies representing the Schengen area countries, do not require any notarized documents. In such event, the translation agency may affix its seal and stamp, thus making a document an official instrument. 

Hague Convention of 1961 simplified much the procedure of legalizing one state's documents in the territory of another. For all the convention's member countries, including Ukraine, the consular legalization procedure was replaced with affixing a special stamp (Apostil) to the document. This is the way of certifying the documents necessary for residing and having commercial business beyond the country which issued the document. The Apostil has a form of a stamp specifying the document issuing country, name of the document issuing entity, name of the Apostil affixing entity and the date thereof. The Apostil is certified with a signature and a round seal in line with the provisions of the Hague Convention.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Education are authorized to affix an Apostil to official documents.


The Apostil is deemed void in the countries other than members of the Hague Convention. In such events the consular legalization is needed.


Legalization of documents in Ukraine means a process of acknowledging by the superior governmental authorities of the documents issued in the country and the lawfulness of using such documents in the other countries. The documents are legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice and the embassy or consulate of the country which the documents are legalized for.

  • 20 years

    20 years

    On 29.11.2015 Logos Translation Agency celebrated its 20th anniversary. The years passed by very fast. Over this time we have managed to translate thousands of pages, creating a team of professionals and building reliable partnership with our customers.We are happy to work for our clients!That's the way to go, Logos!

  • Boxing Tournament among Children and Juniors. в. 

    Boxing Tournament among Children and Juniors. в. 

    Logos Translation Agency supported Open Boxing Tournament among Children and Juniors.We congratulate our winners and wish everyone to go in for sports and keep a healthy lifestyle!!!

  • "Center of the Social Projects for the Future" International Charity Fund

    "Center of the Social Projects for the Future" International Charity Fund

    Fund is grateful to its new partner – LOGOS Translation Agency for the financial aid it provided as a part of Oborona Ukrainy program.The entire amount of UAH 4,000 was spent to purchase sleeping bags for the military unit 1611Kostiantynivka (Donetsk Oblast)The Fund's team launched Oborona Ukrainy project in March, 2014. As a part of this project the Fund, in line with the received letters on a weekly basis purchases various goods for the personnel of the military units deployed in the ATO area.As of January 22, 2015 twenty five military units from the different regions of Ukraine received our aid.

  • International Forum

    International Forum

    Logos Translation Agency became and official translator at the International Forum for the Promotion of Legal Services



    Along with our translation business we actively contribute to the cultural life of Kyiv:)Logos Agency became a general sponsor of "VLADIMIR VYSOTSKIY" Photo Show. Rare photos by Arkadii Hershman".

  • Vladimir Vysotskiy. Unknown about the Known [Neizviestnoie ob izviestnom]

    Vladimir Vysotskiy. Unknown about the Known [Neizviestnoie ob izviestnom]

    Opening "Vladimir Vysotskiy. Unknown about the Known [Neizviestnoie ob izviestnom]" Photo Show, at: 40 Vozdvyzhenska Street, Kyiv (Podil, near Andriivskyi Uzviz).

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